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Yann Toussaint

Author and sustainability educator


The Tercel Bird

The Tercel Bird, my debut collection of poems reflecting on nature, relationships and place, published by Hallowell Press in 2016

The Tercel Bird reviewed by Writing WA:

‘These poems happen in their own sweet time. The lineation is assured, with a great attentiveness to sound moving through lines; take for example the effect of ‘Flying slowly in dissolute flocks’. Although slim, The Tercel Bird contains universes, along with sensitivity to deep time. Its deft coordinates track between Albany, Morocco, a walk along the Thames. In it one finds a world of candles rather than chandeliers, a blessed slow moving world in which there is time to watch a young kestrel learning to fly. The reading experience is utterly enhanced by the fine press practices of Hallowell Press.’




2016 The Tercel Bird (poetry collection) Denmark: Hallowell Press


Other Creative Works:


1996 Drought (Short Story), Westerly  41( 3):64-65


1997 City Farm (creative non-fiction), Soup 1997 (Issue 3) p. 42-43


2000 Text (Short Story), Processed (Issue 1) p. 62-63


2001 From an ornithologist to his lexicographer friend, Western Word 24(1):11

2002 Mulcock, J. & Toussaint, Y. Memories and idylls: urban reflections on lost places and inner landscapes, Transformations 2


2005 Tilbury F, Toussaint Y, and Davis, A. Drawing on Turner: Liminal engagements between artists, advocates and refugees in regional Western Australia. Transformations 11.

2005 The Great Southern – A Biodiversity hotspot (Catalogue Essay) pp 4-5 In Davis, A. and du Bignon, S. (eds) Hotspot: Contemporary Art from the Great Southern, Western Australia Mix Artists Incorporated: Albany


2011 Watching a Young Kestrel Learning to Fly  Westerly  56(1):  154-155

2011 Afternoon Tea With the Gibraltarian Ornithological Society  LiNQ 38: 42


2012 Fingerbone of a whale (p 58-59) in Graham Kershaw (ed) Dark Diamonds: poems from the south coast of western australia, Denmark: Hallowell Press


2012 Persimmon (p. 60) in Graham Kershaw (ed) Dark Diamonds: poems from the south coast of western australia, Denmark: Hallowell Press


2013 To An Old Teacher   Westerly , June vol. 58 no. 1 2013; (p. 36-37)


2013 That Sort of Poem  Australian Love Poems 2013 Inkerman and Blunt


2014 Notes from the Thames Path  Westerly , 59  (1)(p. 183-184)


2020 Whisky and Rumours and Kissing Gourami in Once, Nightparrot Press

Commissions and Collaborations:


2015 The Pavement Poetry Project – to coordinate and deliver a project commissioned by the City of Albany to engage the community with poems and poetry workshops in the Albany Town Square


2016 Bridges and Boundaries – Performances at the Denmark Festival of voice


2017 Creatures of the deep, Commission and recording for Vancouver Arts Centre


2018 The old trees of Albany, (original recorded poetry commissioned for If trees could speak, an exhibition at the Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, May, 2018)


2019 Recordings with Audionarcissist


2020  Persephone in the Afterlife (a cycle of nine poems commissioned to accompany artist Tess Bryant’s exhibition Afterlife, Vancouver Arts Centre, January, 2020)

In The Press



Yann Toussaint is an author, anthropologist  and  sustainability educator who lives on the South Coast of Western Australia. Over the years he has worked with threatened species in Mauritius, France and Australia, worked on Native Title claims, run a bush regeneration nursery and community garden, volunteered on organic farms across Europe and, inspired by reading Tintin in Tibet at a tender age, lived in a monastery in the Himalayas.

He has been interested in writing for as long as he can remember

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